Strategic Review

A high-level business review will result in the formulation of planning initiatives that will prepare businesses for future M&A or disposal activity.

A business must have a strategy for how it will deliver value to its shareholders. It should be clearly articulated, approved in principal and actively supported by its management.

Seeking to expand through mergers and acquisitions, the business may well find that it needs to pay a transaction cost, in the form of paying a premium price and it can sometimes be difficult to measure integration costs and savings. If a company rarely undertakes M&A activity then it is possible that its managers are not in the best position to anticipate what the real integration costs and the potential for savings are.

In the case of an exit strategy, a strategic review will provide  a carefully tailored analysis and evaluation of the various exit options available to shareholders including if applicable refinancing, management buy-outs and buy-ins, total or partial trade sale, or flotation.

Equity Vision provides a suite of services that will enable a business to pursue its growth or exit strategies in full recognition of the potential risks and benefits, while allowing management to focus on the running of the day-to-day business.

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