Very few business are in a condition for investment or sale unless they have consciously put steps in place to position themselves appropriately. A basic checklist could include:

  • Selling underused equipment and property.
  • Improving the working capital position by good stock control and tight creditor control.
  • Producing a detailed business plan covering the company’s history, products, operations, marketing, competitors, and management.
  • Obtaining a third party industry study to provide an unbiased view of the industry sector in which the company operates.
  • Building a financial model which can be flexed by variables to cover best / mid / worst case scenarios.
  • Calculating a realistic idea of the future capital requirements and of the company’s current market alue.
  • Bringing management and financial accounts up to date
  • Ensuring Company’s House filings are up to date
  • Collating all financial and legal data into a “virtual data room”

These are areas that may currently be outside the company’s areas of expertise, but with which Equity Vision is able to provide quick and efficient assistance.