Western users may be logging off, but across the continent of Africa, the social media company is indispensable for everything from running a business to sourcing vaccines. How has it become so inescapable?Badri Ibrahim is a Sudanese comic artist and the founder of the Abbas Comics empire. His strips are quirky and irreverent, poking fun at the Sudanese military and encouraging civic activism. One recurrent character is a hapless but wise cat called Ghadanfar, a [...]
Suspicious US regulators and a problematic culture at the video game firm need to be overcome to realise AR visionIf the world of Call of Duty seems fraught enough when you are playing it, try being in it. That could be the consequence of Microsoft's proposed $68.7bn (£50.4bn) acquisition of Activision Blizzard, the video games maker behind the shoot 'em up franchise. Announcing the deal, Satya Nadella, Microsoft's chief executive, said that gaming would “play [...]
Papers leaked by Frances Haugen revealed users in India were inundated with fake news and anti-Muslim postsFormer Facebook employee Frances Haugen and other prominent whistleblowers have renewed calls for Facebook to release a long-awaited report on its impact in India, alleging the company is purposely obscuring human rights concerns.More than 20 organizations on Wednesday joined whistleblowers Frances Haugen and Sophie Zhang, as well as former Facebook vice-president Brian Boland, to demand the company, now called [...]
Global headquarters forced to shut down computer systems for programme that reunites families separated by conflictThe International Committee of the Red Cross has been the victim of a cyber-attack in which hackers seized the data of more than 515,000 extremely vulnerable people, some of whom had fled conflicts.“A sophisticated cybersecurity attack against computer servers hosting information held by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) was detected this week,” it said in a statement. [...]
The video game industry is bigger than the film and music industries combined – yet has faced far less scrutiny than major tech companies like Facebook and GoogleMicrosoft recently announced plans to purchase Activision Blizzard – one of the world's largest video game companies – for nearly $70bn, making it the biggest acquisition in tech to date. While big tech always seems to be facing some sort of – usually well-deserved – public criticism lately, [...]
The company's bottomless appetite for buying new studios means the art of the deal is threatening the art – and heart – of the gameIn 2014, Microsoft bought Minecraft's developer Mojang for what seemed, at the time, an eye-popping figure: $2.5bn (£1.8bn). It was the first in a series of bullish video-game studio acquisitions by the tech giant, whose games division has been led by executive Phil Spencer, a long-time advocate for video games within [...]
In this week's newsletter: How a judge's ruling could pave the way for a costly, lengthy legal battle over the future of Facebook, WhatsApp, and InstagramDon't get TechScape delivered to your inbox? Sign up for the full article hereMark Zuckerberg has a fascination with ancient Rome, but last week a court decision threatened the future of another empire: his own.Judge James Boasberg said the US competition watchdog can pursue the break up of Meta – [...]
PC, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One Xbox Series X/S; UbisoftThis tense co-operative shooter is thoroughly entertaining, as much for the ideas it borrows as the ideas it comes up withSometimes a video game can be thoroughly entertaining, not for any new ideas it brings to the table, but for the way in which it combines a lot of old ideas into an excitingly fresh experience. The latest shooter from Ubisoft's Tom Clancy interactive universe is a [...]
Tightening regulations and a growing eco-conscious workforce are major factors in heralding green office campusesAround 40 miles south of San Francisco, three futuristic structures rise from the earth. With sloping roofs clad in thousands of overlapping tiles, the buildings could be mistaken for the world's most architecturally advanced circus tent.They are, in fact, part of Google's new Bay View campus, which is due to welcome employees this year – pandemic allowing – and is situated [...]
UK ‘little nearer to closing great digital divide' between cities and rural areas, says committeeBoris Johnson's promise to “level up” the nation by providing next-generation-speed broadband to most homes by 2025 is under threat as rural dwellers are left behind in the internet revolution, according to a report by parliament's spending watchdog.The report by the public accounts committee found that the government is relying too heavily on companies, most notably BT Openreach and Virgin Media [...]