PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S/X, Nintendo Switch, PC; UbisoftUbisoft's derivative gods and monsters game has divine charm, but starts to feel like a golden cageWeeks after Assassin's Creed Valhalla proposed that Norwich in the dark ages was an ideal place to pass the time during a global pandemic, Ubisoft is back with a much sunnier escapade in Greek mythology. Immortals Fenyx Rising may sound like a chewed-up heavy metal tape your [...]
Program cracks scientific problem in ‘stunning advance' for understanding machinery of lifeHaving risen to fame on its superhuman performance at playing games, the artificial intelligence group DeepMind has cracked a serious scientific problem that has stumped researchers for half a century.With its latest AI program, AlphaFold, the company and research lab showed it can predict how proteins fold into 3D shapes, a fiendishly complex process that is fundamental to understanding the biological machinery of life. [...]
With a background including Elder Scrolls, Fallout and forthcoming epic Starfield, how does the acclaimed developer see games in the next five years?When you've got a discography like Todd Howard's, full of critically acclaimed games in the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series, it must be hard to pick a favourite. But there is one game he remembers more fondly than anyone else does: the first he ever worked on.“Terminator: Future Shock,” he says. “When [Bethesda] [...]
Some 300 homes in Fife to be fitted with free boilers, heaters and cooking appliancesHundreds of homes in Scotland will soon become the first in the world to use 100% green hydrogen to heat their properties and cook their meals as part of a new trial that could help households across the country replace fossil fuel gas.Some 300 homes in Fife will be fitted with free hydrogen boilers, heaters and cooking appliances to be used [...]
Tech community has criticised government for failing to engage on new changes given app's poor track recordTechnology experts have criticised the federal government for not using Apple and Google's contact-tracing system in an overhaul of the Covidsafe app it announced on Monday, with one cryptographer saying they would be “astounded” if the upgrade performs as well as the framework being used in other countries.Experts have also criticised the government for not engaging with the tech [...]
Philip Green's fashion empire is the latest on the brink of collapse. The government must address the crisis for bricks-and-mortar storesArcadia is a figurative region of rural contentment. Perhaps no other business has been so inappropriately named as Arcadia Group, which owns Topshop, Burton and Wallis. This week it is likely to enter administration, offering a cautionary tale. Sir Philip Green, Arcadia's driving force, used cost-cutting to boost profits. Financial engineering saw a £1.2bn tax-free [...]
A new hunger for social contact during lockdown has boosted participation in online multiplayer gamesIf “sus” and “vent” mean nothing to you, then you've somehow missed out on the smash-hit multiplayer game Among Us. But with numbers playing the online game heading towards 100 million, maybe you'll find out before Christmas how good you are at being an “impostor” .For the uninitiated, Among Us is the sleeper game hit of 2020. The premise is simple: [...]
They're too young to vote or drive. But meet the children writing computer programs to track our health and wellbeing, choose a new school… and even how to cheat at online gamesI started getting interested in coding when I was about 11. I joined a local community lab where biologists and computer scientists come together and conduct experiments. I wanted to join the lab because my brother was really into biology and at the time [...]
For years, it never made a profit – despite having bigger warehouses and better tech than its rivals. Post Covid-19, can Ocado go global? Ocado's warehouse in Erith, 15 miles east of London on the Thames estuary, is staffed by 1,050 “personal shoppers”. Outnumbering them are 1,800 robots the size of small washing machines.You see them by climbing to the top level of the vast warehouse – at 564,000 sq ft, it is more than [...]
I thought I'd tried everything for my insomnia, but then I found Tamara LevittYou all know how much I love 80s movies, and the one rule of 80s movies is that there is always a sequel. So consider this a sequel column. It might not be up there with The Empire Strikes Back, but I reckon it equals the emotional drama of Ghostbusters II.Back in March, I wrote about my lack of sleep, due to [...]