We ask connoisseurs of comedy to provide a tasting plate from the smorgasbord of laughs. Greta Lee Jackson serves up this oneHello! I'm Greta Lee Jackson. You might know me from being in my activewear or having a massive go at celebrities during the pandemic. I'm a comedy content maker, meaning I try to make funny clips for TV and the internet. Having said that, I'm fairly confident that nothing I make will ever come [...]
Opening up iOS to ‘sideloading' would lead to wave of damaging malware on iPhones and iPads, firm saysAllowing users to bypass the App Store would lead to a wave of damaging malware on iPhones and iPads, Apple has warned, as the company faces the prospect of sweeping regulatory action on both sides of the Atlantic.Opening up iOS to “sideloading”, the name for installing software from unapproved sources, could allow malicious software to hold user data [...]
It was the decade Sonic the Hedgehog, the original PlayStation, the Nintendo 64 and so much more entered the world – here are the 15 best games of this golden age of gamingOf all LucasArts' memorable, quip-fuelled point and click adventures – from dark afterlife comedy Grim Fandango to the surrealist Day of the Tentacle – it's Monkey Island 2 that gets the most love nowadays, and justifiably so. The puzzles were just on the [...]
Creator of the world wide web says digital asset is ‘totally aligned with the values of the web'Tim Berners-Lee has defended his decision to auction an NFT (non-fungible token) representing the source code to the web, comparing the sale to an autographed book or a speaking tour.The creator of the world wide web announced his decision to create and sell the digital asset through Sotheby's auction house last week. In the auction, which begins on [...]
Around the world, dozens of ingenious projects are trying to ‘trick' the ocean into absorbing more CO2. But critics warn of unforeseen consequencesTom Green has a plan to tackle climate change. The British biologist and director of the charity Project Vesta wants to turn a trillion tonnes of CO2 into rock, and sink it to the bottom of the sea.Green admits the idea is “audacious”. It would involve locking away atmospheric carbon by dropping pea-coloured [...]
Once, people who owned viral photos made little money from them. Now, the ‘original' can potentially sell for an enormous sum. But are buyers savvy investors – or unwitting dupes?The photographer Jeff McCurry's favourite Harambe memes are the ones where the dead gorilla is in heaven, Photoshopped alongside Diana, Princess of Wales, Tupac and Muhammad Ali. “It's like: wow,” says McCurry. “What greater spot can you be placed in? Harambe's at the top of the [...]
ITV News investigation prompts demand from politicians for meeting with UK manager to explain ‘wanton waste'Amazon is facing fresh political scrutiny after an undercover investigation showed thousands of unsold products, including laptops, TVs, headphones and books – in some cases still in their packaging – being destroyed by the company.The furore caused by the ITV News report led three Labour MPs, including the chairs of the all-party parliamentary groups (APPGs) on digital skills and data [...]
‘Report remove' button on Childline website is described by internet safety charity as a world firstChildren in the UK who are worried that nude pictures and videos may end up online will be able to report the material to help prevent it from being uploaded in the future.For the first time, young people will be able to flag the content with the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) via a tool on Childline's website before it has [...]
Guardian Australia picture editor Carly Earl explains the dos and don'ts of photographing the moonWhen a full moon rises, many people will pull out their mobile phones to try and get an Instagram-worthy photograph, but unfortunately the moon is really challenging to get a great photo of.Two reasons: it is very far away and unless you have a telephoto lens (which makes the moon appear closer than it is) it will always appear as a [...]
Investors wary after authorities in Sichuan ordered bitcoin mining projects to closeBitcoin has tumbled further in the wake of China's expanding crackdown on bitcoin mining, as investors grow more uncertain about the future of the leading cryptocurrency.Bitcoin fell as low as $31,333 on Monday, a two-week trough, dragging down other cryptocurrencies. The world's biggest cryptocurrency has lost more than 20% in the past six days alone and was at half its April peak of almost [...]