Exit and Disposal

The transfer of ownership and the succession of management are among the most difficult challenges that a privately held business will ever encounter. The decisions surrounding these issues will determine what will become of the business to which the owners have devoted a significant period of their lives, and what will be their return their most valuable financial asset.

How the business is to be valued, and when is the best time to sell can be hard for owners to address as this may only happen to them once in their lifetime. On top of this there will be a multitude of options to consider; the conflicting goals of buyer and seller, tax and legal implications of the transaction, and the structure of the deal itself. The number and complexity of choices can become overwhelming.

For shareholders of organisations looking to divest through full or partial sale, we provide services to help companies develop and execute successful exit strategies with full awareness of the potential options, risks and benefits, allowing management to concentrate on their day-to-day running of the business that they understand so well.